An impromptu event happening all around Eorzea.
We set up a campfire somewhere and just hangout!
That's it, that's the vibe.

Meet our organizers

Blubry Ver is the founder of Breakfast Club.
Blu is an old, gentle man who loves making people feel warm and at ease.
A gardener by trade, he's recently found himself doing all sorts of tricks. Recently, he's been training in the arts of bard performance, which he might put to good use during breakfast.

Blubry Ver
Blubry Ver

Sakiel Sumeragi is guilty of the Breakfast Club concept. The OG camping cat of Limsa, he helped shape our community into what it is today.
Sakiel is busy, social and multi-talented, and he also manages some of our partner venues.
He'll make you feel right at home, albeit at the cost of your sanity.

Blu's Breakfast Club is an inclusive event. We strive to accommodate all kinds of people, irrespective of culture, age, origin, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, accessibility and neurodiversity.Please be aware that not everyone is comfortable with sensitive topics. Remember that underage people are welcome in our event. Gauge the group of people present and make sure people are in on the joke.In short, just be nice.
This is a wholesome event. We do smalltalk and chat about many things, share the things we like and just generally have a good time together.

The event may happen randomly, usually earlier in the day. When it does, it will probably be announced on the Party Finder, in-game. Alternatively, feel free to join our Discord Server, if you would like to be notified when the event happens or just chat with fellow cozy time enjoyers.

The Miqo'tea Room

The Miqo'tea Room is a calm tea room, great for making friends, roleplaying or just enjoying your time in peace. With a wonderful, welcoming community, the Miqo'tea is one of our favourite places in all Eorzea.

Wanderer's Crossroad Events are occasional social events organized by a small social Linkshell of the same name. These are a great chance to meet new friends and have a fun time together.

Wanderer's Crossroad Events
Phoenix Down

Phoenix Down is a SFW and sprout-friendly lounge. The staff strive to include all guests in the fun, with lots of banter and silly moments for all to take part in. Although regular openings have rock music, there are also themed nights with other genres.

Pecs & Purrs is a NSFW pop-up café venue on Phoenix. Staffed by some of our most frequent patrons, you are sure to find nothing but the absolute best vibes there! Do read their house rules before you enter and participate.

Pecs & Purrs